Double Mini Trampoline (DMT) is a new and exciting discipline of trampoline gymnastics rarely seen in the UK until now. DMT is really a combination of Athletics, Trampolining and Gymnastics. Competitors sprint down a track and hurtle onto the DMT before performing double and triple somersaults with the same technical requirements as required on trampoline. The only difference is that they have to land on a bed less than a quarter the size of a trampoline before performing a dismount on to a landing mat. Only skills that are first perfected on a regular trampoline are then transferred to the DMT.

It is a sport that in the right hands is explosive and spectacular both to watch and take part in. The DMT has been in Great Britain since its invention by the Nissen organisation however it was mainly used as a training aid until the mid 80’s. During the late 80’s, British coaches had started holding a few DMT competitions, however since there was no recognised coaching scheme in place, the governing body was forced to ban these competitions and promised to develop a coaching scheme.

In the 90’s, this ban on DMT competitions abroad was relaxed and we were officially allowed to compete at the World Age Group Games. Towards the end of the 90’s, it was decided that this could only continue if a coaching scheme was developed, and a task force was put together to develop the first DMT Coach award.

The first pilot course was successfully run in 1999 and later ratified by Central Council for inclusion in the coaching scheme.

In DMT competitions there are four passes, two in the preliminary round and then two in the final round. Each pass consists of one skill performed as either a mount (the angled part of the DMT) or a spotter (the flat bed of the DMT) followed by a dismount skill making two skills per pass. The execution is judged in exactly the same way as trampoline, however the difficulty is more akin to tumbling where a double somersault gets double the difficulty and a triple somersault gets triple the difficulty. Click here to see how exciting DMT is in action.

Fun Abounds has now established its own DMT sessions within Sky High Trampoline & DMT Club sessions as follows:

  • Monday (All Levels) 17:45 – 20:30
  • Friday (All Levels) 17:45 – 20:30

Please call us or ask at Reception for further details.