February Half Term Timetable

Here is our February half term timetable. Please note that their are limited spaces in the workshops so payment is required on booking to secure spaces!

Hour and a half workshops are £15 per person (except walkover workshop which is £10 for an hour).

Monday 18th 10.00-12.00Mini Fun 'N' Bound (Ages 0-4)
Monday 18th10.30-12.00Trampoline Workshop (Ages 4+)
Monday 18th12.00-13.00Fun 'N' Bound (Ages 5+)
Monday 18th14.00-15.30Trampoline Workshop
Tuesday 19th12.30-14:00Adult Gymnastics
Tuesday 19th14.00-15.30Trampoline Workshop (Ages 4+)
Tuesday 19th14.00-15.30Flick Workshop (Ages 7+)
Wednesday 20th09.00-11.00Mini Fun 'N' Bound (Ages 0-4)
Wednesday 20th12.30-14.00Somersault Workshop (Ages 7+)
Wednesday 20th14.00-15.30Trampoline Workshop (Ages 4+)
Wednesday 20th14.00-15.00Walkover Workshop (Ages 7+)
Thursday 21st14.00-15.30Trampoline Workshop (Ages 7+)
Thursday 21st14.00-15.30Handspring/Free Cartwheel Workshop (Ages 7+)
Friday 22nd10.00-12.00Mini Fun 'N' Bound (Ages 0-4)
Friday 22nd10.30-12.00Trampoline Workshop (Ages 7+)
Friday 22nd12.00-13.00Fun 'N' Bound (Ages 5+)
Friday 22nd14.00-15.30Trampoline Workshop (Ages 4+)
Saturday 23rd15.00-16.00Fun 'N' Bound (Ages 5+)