April 2017 Newsletter

Dear All

Spring is on its way and there is so much to look forward to!  Easter is nearly upon us and we are holding an Easter Egg raffle.  If you haven’t yet bought your tickets it’s not too late as the draw will be made towards the end of next week.  £1 a ticket and so much chocolate!  The money raised is to go towards changing a couple of the trampoline beds; just by way of example the 4mm beds cost over £2,000 and the others in the region of £1,500.

Latest News:

The Eco-Kids collection is to take place on Tuesday 25th April.  This is a great way to raise money for the Club and to clear out your wardrobes at the same time.  The Club can raise up to £500 for every tonne of clothing, so please spring clean and help if you can.  Collection bags are available from the Centre.

Lisa Hilton, one of our Trustees and mother of Faith, got married on Saturday 25th March to Charlie Boarer.  Congratulations to you both and wishing you a long and happy future together.


Adrian Palmer has done it again by donating 2 heavy duty mounting brackets for the TV he recently donated, so we now just need one more set of mounting brackets and 2 cameras, which will also be mounted to the wall and some clever techy people to get it all working!  Thanks so much Adrian!

Charlie Boarer has very kindly donated 3 office chairs to replace the old broken ones we’ve been using.  Thank you Charlie!

I omitted to mention in my last newsletter that Claire Smoker, Frances’ Mum, who runs a company called Gym Factor very kindly donated a gymnastic beam as part of the Christmas Hamper raffle and also a small training beam for use at Club sessions.  Thank you Claire!


5th February – NDP 1-7 Qualifier – those competing trampoline were NDP1 – Darcie Lacey (1st), Ebbon Payne (3rd), Holly Smith (2nd), Edward Pearce (2nd), Poppy Hodgson (14th), NDP2 – Katie Cooper (5th), NDP3 – Milla Prod’homme-Bennett (5th), Molly Jeffery (8th), Annie Black (10th), NDP4 Lia Oliva (1st), Nikita Bruton-Sendra (4th), Lucie Jones (11th), Aeryn Perkins (12th), NDP5 – Olivia Burvill-Patching (1st), Max Pilbeam (2nd), NDP6 – Luca Major-Owens (1st) and Thomas Magson (1st).  In DMT, NDP1 – Poppy Hodgson (2nd), NDP3 – Anna Taplin (3rd), NDP4 – Aeryn Perkins (2nd), NDP5 – Rachel Gregg (3rd), NDP6 – Ella Lovelock (1st) and NDP7 – Frances Smoker (1st).

5th February – Zonal Schools – those competing from the Centre were Patrick Von Wedel (Forest Row Home School), Elise Machin (Wivelsfield Primary), Sian Emsley, Tabitha Coddington, Maisie Ward, Kristy Scholler (UCTC), Poppy Bissett (Rocks Park Primary), Olivia Burvill-Patching (The Vale School), Faith Hilton (St Wilfrid’s School), Heidi Crowther (Sackville School), Daniel Bradford (Lewes Old Grammar), Oliver Guile (Battle Abbey School), Beatrice de Haldevang (Hazelwood School), Imogen de Haldevang (Step by Step School), Oliver Watmough (Grove Park School) and Katie Goldsmith (Sussex Downs College).  Those that qualified to the National Schools Finals as individuals were Maisie Ward, Heidi Crowther, Daniel Bradford, Oli Guile, Beatrice and Imogen de Haldevang, Oliver Watmough and Katie Goldsmith.  Kristy and Tabitha also qualified as part of the UCTC team.

12th February – CDP 1 & 2 – those competing were CDP1 – Amelia Morgan (2nd), Ruby Weaver (3rd), Amara Brown-Kench (4th), Aidan Long (1st), Benjamin Hampton (2nd) and Isaac Machin (3rd), CDP2 – Laura Bruton-Sendra (2nd), Rhea Morphew (4th) and Beatrice Mills (5th).

5th March – NDP 1-7 Semi-Final – those competing were NDP1 – Darcie Lacey (1st), Holly Smith (7th), Phoebe Ball (14th), Edward Pearce (2nd), Poppy Hodgson (18th), NDP2 – Elise Machin (4th), Katie Pain (18th), NDP3 – Milla Prod’homme-Bennett (8th), Rosie Sullivan (12th), Annie Black (9th), Molly Jeffery (14th), NDP4 – Lia Oliva (5th), Faith Hilton (7th), Nikita Bruton-Sendra (8th), Aeryn Perkins (5th), Amelie Woodbridge-Cox (12th), Lucie Jones (13th), NDP5 – Olivia Burvill-Patching (2nd), Poppy Bissett (5th), Kristy Scholler (11th), Max Pilbeam (2nd), NDP6 – Luca Major-Owens (1st), Thomas Magson (1st) and Tabitha Coddington (2nd).  In DMT – NDP1 – Darcie Lacey (1st), Poppy Hodgson (3rd), NDP3 – Anna Taplin (4th),  NDP4 – Aeryn Perkins (3rd), NDP6 – Tabitha Coddington (2nd), Ella Lovelock (3rd), NDP7 – Daniel Bradford (1st) and Emma Van Zutphen (1st).  Those that succeeded in achieving the qualification scores in the competition, 1st or 2nd place plus passing the Range and Conditioning in trampoline were Aeryn Perkins, Darcie Lacey, Lia Oliva, Luca Major-Owens, Olivia Burvill-Patching, Poppy Bissett, Tabitha Coddington and Thomas Magson and in DMT were Daniel Bradford, Darcie Lacey, Ella Lovelock, Frances Smoker, Poppy Hodgson and Tabitha Coddington.  We are very proud of you all!  All these brilliant performers are now eligible to compete for the South East region at the Regional Team Finals in Birmingham on 17th & 18th June.  Good luck guys!

18th March – National Schools Finals, Newcastle.  Brilliant results all round.  Daniel Bradford (2nd), Heidi Crowther (3rd), Oli Guile (2nd), Maisie Ward (7th), Katie Goldsmith (2nd), Beatrice de Haldevang (4th), Imogen de Haldevang (6th) and the UCTC team took 2nd place.  Oliver Watmough decided that the journey was just too far and therefore did not compete.

Forthcoming events:

8th/9th April          Bronze & Silver English Championships Qualifier 1, Stoke

29th/30th April      SES 1 (NDP 8 & FIG), Nottingham

7th May                CDP 1 & 2, Worthing

13th/14th May        Bronze & Silver English Championships Qualifier 2, Bath

3rd/4th June          SES 2 (NDP 8 & FIG), Sheffield

17th/18th June       Regional Team Finals, Birmingham

2nd July                Jump for Fun Competition, Fun Abounds

7th/9th July           National NDP Finals, Telford

16th July              Sussex Individual Championships, Seaford

21st – 25th August  Sky High Summer Camp

The annual Jump for Fun competition is to take place on Sunday 2nd July and although it is not a Club event, it is an opportunity for many of those we coach recreationally to compete.  It is always a delight to be there and we would ask as many of you as possible to help out on the day – getting the Centre ready, making cakes, bringing in raffle prizes, admin beforehand, plus so much more.  Please talk to Stella or Gail about how you can get involved.

The Sky High Summer Camp always proves great fun and rewarding for all who take part.  The cost is £150 for the week 09:30 – 15:30.  A wonderful way for your children to make new friends, learn new skills and have a load of fun!  Application forms are available at Reception.

The Centre is CLOSED for the Easter weekend Friday 14th – Monday 17th April inclusive.  If you train on those days, please speak to your Coach to make up the sessions missed.  The Easter break runs from Monday 3rd – Monday 17th April inclusive and please remember as is usual during holiday periods, all Friday training will run at the earlier time of 16:15 – 18:30.

As always, please let me know if I have omitted anyone or anything and sincere apologies.

Happy bouncing!

Stella, Gail, Mike, Hannah, Debbie, Steph, Catherine, Tim, Julia, Abi, Niamh, Abbie, Charlotte, Maisie, Finlay, Beth and Katie – The Sky High Coaching team