November 2017 Newsletter

Dear All

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the decorations go up, carols are sung, people get together and everyone’s wallets are stretched to the limit!

Sky High has had an amazing year and there is so much to look forward to in 2018.  With the addition of the gymnastics, tumbling and the FreeG (freestyle gymnastics), the Centre is now buzzing!

Sky High was extremely fortunate to acquire a full-length tumble track from a club which recently closed down in Tunbridge Wells.  Additionally, a sprung floor was purchased from a club in Bristol which had been stored in a barn and the farmer needed to put his cows in it!  It needs quite a lot of TLC and will be finally finished and put in its permanent position during the Christmas holidays.  Both of these purchases, with all the additional items necessary to bring them up to tip top condition, have cost in excess of £11,500 and the cost wasn’t in the budget!  Fortunately, we were able to sell the second DMT which was used very rarely for £450, so that softens the blow a little.  Fundraising is therefore now extremely high on the agenda, so we need as much help as we possibly can.  The first planned event was the Christmas Fair which took place on Friday, 17th November and raised £81, with still a little to come.  Special to thanks to Beth Winter and Debbie Green for organising it so well.  The next event is the Sponsored Bounce/DMT/Tumble & Roll which is to take place on Saturday, 2nd December from 16:00 – 20:00.  It will be along the lines of a circuit, where there has to be someone on all the equipment for the whole 4 hours.  We need everyone to get involved to make this worthwhile, so all dress up in your Christmas outfits and come along.  We plan to finish the evening off with a get-together, where you are all free to bring along nibbles and drinks, put the music on and get ready for a good old chinwag!  If you haven’t yet got a sponsor form, please collect one from Reception.  The Christmas Hamper raffle was very successful last year raising £566, so we’re hoping we can top that with all the extra visitors to the Centre now.  Please don’t forget to bring in items to fill them in this year’s colours of Red, Silver and Green to make them even more appealing.  Finally, the Onesie Week, which raised £170 last year is to start on Monday 11th December, so get your Onesie out of the cupboard and see if it still fits you!  £2 donation for each time you wear it.

Latest News

During the first half of the Autumn term, Abi Jaques and Beth Winter contacted several East Sussex primary schools to run a PE lesson in order to scout for talent.  They have taken four lessons to date and invited many Year 1 children to trial for our Talent Identification squad (TID).  From the trials, we now have a TID squad of 16 children, training on Monday and Friday afternoons, who we hope will move into our Development squads and become our superstars of the future.  Well done to Beth and Abi for getting this started.

Earlier in 2017, we decided that we would like to have a new design leotard, particularly for those competing at National level.  The design went backwards and forwards to the manufacturers time and time again, but has now been finalised and is ready to buy.  For all those of you who have the current leotard, please do not panic!  You are free to wear this for all competitions if it still fits you and when you need to replace it, you might like to buy a new one.

As the Club has now taken on gymnastics and tumbling, it is thought that a better name for the Club would be one which incorporates all the disciplines provided.  Therefore, once approved by the Trustees at their meeting on 9th December (assuming it is), Sky High Trampoline & DMT Club will become Sky High Trampoline Gymnastics Academy.  The Charities Commission will then be contacted to permanently change the name of the Club.

In May, we started the monthly Effort Award for those who had shown they had made an extra effort at training or conditioning at home during the previous month.  It is rapidly becoming a coveted prize and to date the winners have been:

May             Holly Smith

June            Katie Goldsmith

July             Got missed in error!

August          Benji Hampton

September    Sam Plummer

October       Laura Bruton-Sendra

November     Watch this space!!  Who wants it badly enough?

Well done to all of you and keep working hard!

Congratulations to Erika Siggs and Esme White for achieving their Gymnastics Proficiency Coaching awards and Lily Robson for gaining her Trampoline Proficiency Coaching award.  We are really glad to have you all on the team.  Also, a big welcome to Cindy White (no relation to Esme), a Level 1 Gym Coach currently doing her Level 2 Artistic Gymnastics award, who has recently joined our gym coaching staff.  Welcome and hope you enjoy your time with us!

Congratulations to Debbie Green for competing the fourth and final module of her UKCC Level 3 Trampoline Coaching award.  She, with Mike, now needs to complete the theory side of the award.  Well done Debs!

Steph Paul and Abbie Saunders will be starting their UKCC Level 2 Trampoline coaching in January and Finlay Andrews and Aeryn Perkins are taking their Level 1 as we speak.  Abi Jaques and Niamh Andrews are to take their UKCC Level 3 Module 1 in December.  Good luck all!


15th/16th July                    Sussex Trampoline, DMT and Synchro Championships – Seaford

Those competing as individuals were:  (Novice) Amelia Morgan (U9 2nd), Laura Bruton-Sendra (U9 4th), Rhea Morphew (U9 7th), Amara Brown-Kench (U9 11th) – Team 1st, Aidan Long (U9 1st), Benji Hampton (U9 3rd), Isaac Machin (U9 4th) – Team 1st, Darcie Lacey (U11 1st), Ebbon Payne (U11 2nd), Holly Smith (U13 2nd), Hannah Drain (U13 11th), Francesca Waghorn (U13 12th) – Team 2nd, Edward Pearce (U13 2nd), Katie Goldsmith (Disability 1 Advanced 1st), (Intermediate) Elise Machin (U11 2nd), Lia Oliva (U13 1st), Milla Prod’homme-Bennett (U13 6th), Rosie Sullivan (U13 9th) – Team 2nd, Amelie Woodbridge-Cox (U15 2nd), Lucy Albuquerque (U15 4th), Aeryn Perkins (O15 2nd), (Advanced) Olivia Burvill-Patching (U13 5th), Poppy Bissett (U13 6th), Luca Major-Owens (U15 3rd), Millie Dadswell (U15 6th), Thomas Magson (U15 2nd), Tabitha Coddington (O15 2nd), Kristy Scholler (O15 3rd), Sian Emsley (O15 6th) – Team 1st, (Elite) Alex Oakley (U13 2nd), Heidi Crowther (U15 1st), Daniel Bradford (U15 1st), Emma Van Zutphen (O15 1st), Maisie Ward (O15 2nd), Jade Pearson (O15 4th), Ella Lovelock (O15 4th) – Team 1st, Oli Guile (O15 1st).

Those competing in Synchro were: (Intermediate) Darcie Lacey & Elise Machin (U11 1st), Lia Oliva & Amelie Woodbridge-Cox (U15 1st), Lucy Albuquerque & Annie Black (U15 5th), (Advanced) Poppy Bissett & Olivia Burvill-Patching (U13 1st), Tabitha Coddington & Luca Major-Owens (O15 1st), Sian Emsley & Kristy Scholler (O15 5th), (Elite) Daniel Bradford & Thomas Magson (U15 1st), Heidi Crowther & Jade Pearson (O15 1st), Ella Lovelock & Maisie Ward (O15 2nd), Erifilly Heonos & Emma Van Zutphen (O15 3rd).

Those competing in DMT were: (Novice) Darcie Lacey (U15 1st), (Intermediate) Aeryn Perkins (O15 1st), Sian Emsley (O15 2nd), (Advanced) Frances Smoker (O15 1st), Ella Lovelock (O15 2nd), Tabitha Coddington (O15 3rd).

An exceedingly hot day in Downs Leisure Centre, however brilliant results.  Well done to everyone – you are all winners!  Many thanks to our judges, Niamh Andrews, Jo Pearson, Finlay Andrews, Colin Coddington, Verity Lacey, Tim Pearson and Carolyn Emsley.

23rd/24th September           British Championships – Echo Arena, Liverpool

A fabulous weekend for the Club with Daniel Bradford coming an admirable 6th in the 13/14 Male group and Erifilly Heonos 1st – British Champion in the 15/16 Female group!  Huge congratulations to both of them and also to Gail, their Coach.

1st October                       NDP Trampoline Qualifier 1 – Jumpers Rebound Centre, Gillingham

Those competing trampoline were: NDP1 – Connie Dackombe, Katie Rainbow, Aidan Long, Benji Hampton, NDP2 – Elise Machin, Ebbon Payne, Edward Pearce, NDP3 – Milla Prod’homme-Bennett, NDP4 – Darcie Lacey, Rosie Sullivan, Anna Taplin, Faith Hilton, NDP5 – Sian Emsley, Kristy Scholler, Amelie Woodbridge-Cox, Max Pilbeam, Millie Dadswell, Lia Oliva, Poppy Bissett and NDP6 – Thomas Magson, Luca Major-Owens, Ella Lovelock and Tabitha Coddington.

Those competing DMT were: NDP1 – Elise Machin, NDP3 – Olivia Burvill-Patching, Darcie Lacey, NDP4 – Sian Emsley, Anna Taplin, NDP6 – Tabitha Coddington, NDP7 – Frances Smoker, Emma Van Zutphen, Ella Lovelock and Daniel Bradford.

There were some awesome performances, resulting in Aidan Long, Benji Hampton, Elise Machin, Ebbon Payne, Milla Prod’homme-Bennett, Faith Hilton, Kristy Scholler, Max Pilbeam, Millie Dadswell, Lia Oliva, Poppy Bissett, Thomas Magson, Luca Major-Owens, Ella Lovelock and Tabitha Coddington qualifying for the Regional Semi Finals in trampoline and in DMT, Elise Machin, Darcie Lacey, Sian Emsley, Anna Taplin, Tabitha Coddington, Frances Smoker, Emma Van Zutphen and Daniel Bradford in March 2018.  Well done to all of you and thanks to Verity Lacey, Emma Van Zutphen, Niamh Andrews and Debbie Green for judging.

7th October                      Sussex Tumbling Championships – The Triangle, Burgess Hill

Those competing were: NDP1 – Edward Crowhurst (9/10 2nd), Patrick Arnold Von Wedel (9/10 4th), Charlie Culham (13+ 1st), Millie Dadswell (13+ 3rd), NDP2 – Nikita Bruton-Sendra (11/12 2nd), Esme White (13+ 1st), Tabitha Coddington (13+ 4th).  A massive well done to all who competed in the Club’s  first tumbling competition – you did your Club proud!  Also, well done to Beth Winter and Mia Elliott for supporting them as their Coaches and Esme White and Ochea Chapman for keeping the judges supplied with tea and coffee!

14th/15th October              English Championships Finals – English Institute of Sport, Sheffield

Those competing were:  (Silver) Alex Oakley (4th), Thomas Magson (9th), Maisie Ward (2nd), Ella Lovelock (6th), Jade Pearson (10th) and Oliver Guile (2nd), (Gold) Heidi Crowther (9th) and Daniel Bradford (3rd), DMT (Silver) Ella Lovelock (3rd), Daniel Bradford (3rd) and Frances Smoker (1st), Synchro (Silver) Poppy Bissett & Olivia Burvill-Patching (3rd), Maisie Ward & Ella Lovelock (3rd), Tabitha Coddington & Luca Major-Owens (4th) and Synchro (Gold) Daniel Bradford & Thomas Magson (1st).  The Team event took place on Sunday 15th October and representing the South East and helping them gain 3rd place, were Daniel Bradford in DMT and Alex Oakley in trampoline.  A brilliant weekend for Team Sky High and thanks to Debbie Green and Tim Pearson for judging.

5th November                    CDP 1 – 3 – Hailsham Community College, Hailsham

Those competing were: CDP1 – Isla Armour (7/8 2nd), Pearl Winslet (7/8 3rd), Milla Winslet (7/8 4th) – Team 1st, Fisher Winslet (7/8 1st), Sam Plummer (7/8 2nd), CDP3 – Laura Bruton-Sendra (7/8 1st), Amara Brown-Kench (7/8 3rd), Amelia Morgan (7/8 4th), Isaac Machin (7/8 2nd), Rhea Morphew (9/10 7th).  Well done to all of you and massive thanks to Finlay Andrews, Sally Robson for judging and Julia Machin for acting as Manual Recorder.

As a result of her fabulous performances throughout 2017, Erifilly Heonos has been asked to join the GB Junior Squad for 2018.  As British Champion, she also gained entry to the World Age Games, held in Sofia, Bulgaria 16th – 19th November.  After a phenomenal set routine, Erifilly was lying in 4th place, but sadly the voluntary routine didn’t go to plan and she did not make a place into the final.  With her partner Abigail Brown from Northampton Trampoline Gymnastics Academy, Erifilly gained 8th place in the 15/16 final.  Well done Erifilly – we are so proud of you!

Last but not least

In January, we will be welcoming Teresa Dell as our Business Manager.  Working 25 hours per week, she will initially work alongside Gail and Stella to learn the ropes and once confident, will be in charge of all the administrative tasks!  The Centre is growing all the time and this impacts on the administrative load.  Good luck and welcome Teresa!

The Centre will be CLOSED from Wednesday 20th December to Tuesday 2nd January inclusive.  For those new to the Club, your monthly fees are based on a 50-week year, therefore you are not paying for the Christmas break!

As always, please let me know if I have omitted anyone or anything and sincere apologies if I have.

Finally, may we wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Stella, Gail, Mike, Debbie, Steph, Catherine, Tim, Jo, Julia, Abi, Niamh, Abbie, Charlotte, Maisie, Finlay, Beth, Jade, Mia, Cindy, Katie, Emma, Tabitha, Lily, Erifilly, Erika, Aeryn and Esme – The Sky High Coaching team