July 2017 Newsletter

Dear All

It is quite some time since my last newsletter and I’m sorry to say that due to constraints of time, my monthly newsletter will now have to become a quarterly newsletter!  All the more news to tell you!

The summer holidays are fast approaching and we are looking forward to our very exciting holiday programme.  The usual 1½ hour daily trampoline courses and Fun ‘n’ Bound, a supervised play session are taking place but we are adding 1½ hour daily gymnastics courses and FreeG (Freestyle Gymnastics) 3 times a week.  Mike Jackson and Beth Winter attended a course earlier in June and are now fully qualified to coach FreeG, the British Gymnastics version of freerunning/parkour which we know will become very popular as it becomes known – so please spread the word.  In order to help us do this, please could everyone sign up to the Sky High Club noticeboard on Facebook.  The wider the net, the more people will come to our wonderful Centre.

Latest News

Following a recent meeting with the landlords, managed by Robson Property Management, we have been successful in obtaining a new 10 year lease with very generous terms.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their continued support of Fun Abounds and for making our future so secure.  We would also like to thank Chris Oakley, Alex’s father and Mark Pharoah, Chair of our Trustees for negotiating such a great deal for the Centre.

The general gymnastics classes started in mid-May and are proving very popular, with more classes being planned for September.  The Tumble squad runs twice a week throughout the year and the squad will be entering competitions later in the year.  The gymnastics coaching team is Beth Winter, Head Coach, ably assisted by Mia Elliott, Erifilly Heonos, Aeryn Perkins and Esme White.  We are delighted to have them all on board and undoubtedly, the coaching team will grow as time goes on.  The addition of the gymnastics, tumbling and FreeG, means that Sky High Trampoline & DMT Club, will become known as Sky High Trampoline Gymnastics Academy to incorporate all the disciplines for competition entries and kit initially and the name will most likely change officially in due course.

On 9th May, we were very excited to take delivery of a Eurotramp Ultimate 4mm trampoline.  Used on the National circuit, we felt it a necessary addition to our equipment in order for our National level performers to be fully prepared, as the performance of the Ultimate is considerably different to that of the other Club trampolines.

Sadly, Liz Brockbank, one of our Trustees had to submit her resignation recently due to family commitments.  We would like to thank Liz for your time and support and send you our very best wishes for the future.  Robert Long, Aidan and Ciara’s father, has very kindly agreed to become a Trustee in Liz’s stead and has considerable business experience which will prove very helpful to the Club.  Thank you Robert and welcome!  If anyone feels they would like the opportunity to become a Trustee and play a part in shaping the Club’s future, please speak to Stella.

Huge congratulations to Erifilly Heonos, who represented Great Britain at the Scalabiscup in Portugal 6th – 8th July.  She had a brilliant qualifying round finishing in 2nd place going into the final, but sadly was just pipped to the post and finished in 4th place behind Abigail Brown in 2nd and Jessica Clarke in 3rd,  but her contribution gave the GB team the Gold medal.  Fabulous work Erifilly and her Coach, Gail!

Hannah Saunders has been at Sky High for over 6 years, initially as a National level performer and latterly as a Coach.  She realised quite early on in her coaching career that she wanted to become a teacher and work with children with special educational needs, choosing a university degree to complement this and doing a PGCE at Brighton University.  In September, Hannah will take up her first full-time teaching post at Grove Park Special School in Crowborough and will therefore not be able to coach for us any longer, her last day being 17th August.  We wish Hannah all the very best and are extremely proud of her achievements and the contribution she has made in all ways over the past 6 years.  We and all the children she coaches will miss her terribly but we will hopefully still see her when she brings her class to trampoline with the school.  Have a brilliant time Hannah!


The Easter Egg Raffle was very successful and raised £582, Sweeties in the Jar raised £18 and we were fortunate to receive £500 from Uckfield Town Council, from a grant application submitted in September 2016.  The Jump for Fun competition is always massively popular, building confidence in those taking part and raising the profile of the Centre.  Held on 2nd July with 86 entrants, the competition raised just over £1,600 in total.  Absolutely fantastic!  Huge thanks to everyone who took part and everyone who helped make the competition happen – you are all amazing!  All the money raised has been used towards the purchase of the new gym mats, the spotting block for FreeG and the Ultimate.  Thank you everyone.

As we now have a Tumble squad, our future fundraising will be aimed at buying a Tumble track.  We will be submitting several funding applications in order to raise the substantial amount of money needed, so watch this space.


8th/9th April            English Championships Qualifier 1 – Fenton Manor, Stoke on Trent

Those competing were: Silver 11-12 Olivia Burvill-Patching (7th), Poppy Bissett (8th), Silver 13-14 Thomas Magson (5th), Luca Major-Owens (11th), Silver 15-16 Maisie Ward (4th), Ella Lovelock (6th), Tabitha Coddington (14th), Silver 17-18 Oliver Guile (1st), Gold 13-14 Daniel Bradford (1st), Heidi Crowther (10th), Gold 15-16 Erifilly Heonos (1st), Silver DMT 13-16 Daniel Bradford (1st), Ella Lovelock (2nd), Tabitha Coddington (8th), Sian Emsley (17th), Maisie Ward (22nd), Silver Synchro 9-12 Poppy Bissett & Olivia Burvill-Patching (1st), Silver Synchro 13-16 Ella Lovelock & Maisie Ward (1st), Tabitha Coddington and Luca Major-Owens (5th) and Gold Synchro 13-16 Daniel Bradford and Thomas Magson (1st).

29th/30th April         Spring Event Series 1 – University of Nottingham

Those competing were: Disability Nat1 Cat1 Katie Goldsmith (3rd), NDP8 9-10 Alex Oakley (2nd), NDP8 15-16 Maisie Ward (9th), Ella Lovelock (14th), NDP8 17-18 Oliver Guile (6th), FIG 13-14 Heidi Crowther (10th), Daniel Bradford (7th), FIG 15-16 Erifilly Heonos (2nd) and Emma Van Zutphen (3rd).

7th May                  CDP 1&2, Worthing

Those competing were: CDP1 7-8 Amara Brown-Kench (1st), CDP2 5-6 Laura Bruton-Sendra (1st), Isaac Machin (1st), CDP2 7-8 Rhea Morphew (3rd), Amelia Morgan (4th), Aidan Long (1st), Benji Hampton (2nd) and CDP2 11-12 Hannah Drain (1st).

13th/14th May          English Championships Qualifier 2 – University of Bath

Those competing were: Silver 9-10 Alex Oakley (2nd), Silver 11-12 Olivia Burvill-Patching (21st), Poppy Bissett (25th), Faith Hilton (26th), Silver 13-14 Luca Major-Owens (21st), Millie Dadswell (35th), Silver 15-16 Ella Lovelock (5th), Tabitha Coddington (12th), Silver 17-18 Jade Pearson (3rd), Gold 13-14 Heidi Crowther (4th), Gold 15-16 Erifilly Heonos (3rd), Silver Synchro 9-12 Poppy Bissett & Olivia Burvill-Patching (6th), Silver 13-16 Tabitha Coddington & Luca Major-Owens (6th), Gold Synchro 13-16 Heidi Crowther and Erifilly Heonos (1st), Silver DMT 13-16 Ella Lovelock (5th), Tabitha Coddington (11th) and Silver DMT 17+ Frances Smoker (1st).

3rd/4th June            Spring Event Series 2 – English Institute of Sport, Sheffield

Those competing were: Disability Nat1 Cat1 Katie Goldsmith (3rd), NDP8 9-10 Alex Oakley (1st) and FIG 15-16 Erifilly Heonos (1st).

17th/18th June          Regional Team Finals – Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham

Those competing were: NDP6 13-14 Luca Major-Owens (6th), Thomas Magson (6th), NDP6 15-16 Tabitha Coddington (8th), NDP5 11-12 Olivia Burvill-Patching (6th), NDP1 9-10 Darcie Lacey (6th), NDP7 DMT Daniel Bradford (1st), NDP6 DMT 15-16 Tabitha Coddington (6th) and NDP1 DMT 9-10 Darcie Lacey (1st).  Not only did these superstars do brilliantly for the South East region, they all qualified for the NDP Finals!

8th/9th July             NDP Finals – International Centre, Telford

Those competing were: Disability Nat1 Cat1 Katie Goldsmith (3rd – Bronze!), NDP1 9-10 Darcie Lacey (7th), NDP5 11-12 Olivia Burvill-Patching (6th), NDP6 13-14 Luca Major-Owens (7th), Thomas Magson (8th), NDP6 15-16 Tabitha Coddington (6th), NDP8 9-10 Alex Oakley (1st – Gold!), NDP1 DMT 9-10 Darcie Lacey (3rd – Bronze!), NDP6 DMT 15-16 Tabitha Coddington (5th) and NDP7 DMT 13-14 Daniel Bradford (1st – Gold!).  Huge congratulations to you all.

Those who have qualified for the British Championships 23rd/24th September to be held at the Echo Arena in Liverpool are Daniel Bradford and Erifilly Heonos.  Those who have qualified for the English Championships to be held at the EIS, Sheffield on 14th October are: Trampoline (Silver) – Alex Oakley, Thomas Magson, Maisie Ward, Ella Lovelock, Jade Pearson and Oliver Guile, (Gold) Heidi Crowther, Daniel Bradford, Erifilly Heonos, DMT (Silver) Ella Lovelock, Daniel Bradford and Frances Smoker, Synchro (Silver) Poppy Bissett & Olivia Burvill-Patching, Maisie Ward & Ella Lovelock, Tabitha Coddington & Luca Major-Owens and Synchro (Gold) Daniel Bradford & Thomas Magson and Heidi Crowther & Erifilly Heonos.

Forthcoming competitions:

Saturday 15th July   Sussex DMT Championships to be held at Fun Abounds

Sunday 16th July      Sussex Individual and Synchro Championships at Downs Leisure Centre, Seaford

Last but not least

There are still a few spaces left for the Sky High Summer Camp, 21st to 25th August, so don’t miss out and pick up an application form from Reception.  The cost for the week is £150 and represents great value for the amount the children get out of it.

The Centre will be CLOSED on Bank Holiday Monday 28th August.  If you train on Monday, please speak to your Coach to make up the sessions missed.  The summer break runs from Monday 24th July to Monday 4th September and please remember as is usual during holiday periods, all Friday training will run at the earlier time of 16:15 – 18:30.

As always, please let me know if I have omitted anyone or anything and sincere apologies.

Happy bouncing!

Stella, Gail, Mike, Hannah, Debbie, Steph, Catherine, Tim, Jo, Julia, Abi, Niamh, Abbie, Charlotte, Maisie, Finlay, Beth, Katie, Emma, Mia, Erifilly, Aeryn and Esme – The Sky High Coaching team