Take a look at our October 2020 Half Term Holiday timetable with lots of exciting activities for the whole family.  Please note that spaces are limited so book and pay here to secure your spaces!

Monday 26th October10:30-11:30Trampoline Workshop (Ages 4+) £15
Monday 26th October10:30-11:30Handstand/Cartwheel/Walkover Workshop (Ages 4+) £15
Tuesday 27th October12:00-13:00Trampoline Workshop (Ages 4+) £15
Tuesday 27th October12:00-13:00Handstand/Cartwheel/Walkover Workshop (Ages 4+) £15
Tuesday 27th October13:30-14:30Trampoline Workshop (Ages 4+) £15
Tuesday 27th October13:30-14:30Handstand/Cartwheel/Walkover Workshop (Ages 4+) £15
Wednesday 28th October12:30-13:30Trampoline Workshop (Ages 4+) £15
Thursday 29th October14:00-15:00Trampoline Workshop (Ages 4+) £15
Thursday 29th October14:00-15:00Handstand/Cartwheel/Walkover Workshop (Ages 4+) £15