Mini Fun n Bound

1.5 hours of supervised fun for pre-school children to play on the sprung floor, on the pit trampolines, on the ride-ons and gym equipment and let off a bit of steam safely.
Session times:  Tuesday & Friday  09:30-11:00.  Booking essential.  Session cost £5.00.
Price includes one adult & child.  If an additional child wants to attend an additional ticket will need to be purchased. All Mini Fun sessions HAVE to be booked and paid for in advance via our online booking system (Sportsbooker).  BOOK HERE
MINI FUN Guidelines
⭐ A maximum of 40 children accompanied by an adult will be allowed into each session
⭐ Please place your buggy in the buggy park in the reception area.  Place your belongings in the cubby holes provided
⭐ No food or drink of any kind can be consumed in the gym area.  If a snack or a drink is needed in the session we ask that you use the allocated bench and table in the reception area to do this



Parties at Fun Abounds have now been restructured as follows:
  • ¼ hour setting up time
  • 1 hour of the activity chosen
  • ½ hour for light refreshments in the allocated party area of the cafeteria.  Please note that food is not provided by Fun Abounds and therefore not included in the price of the party
  • ¼ hour clearing up time 
  • Available times are: Sunday 12:30 & 14:30.  Check here for availability.  Saturday 16:30 may be available on request.  BOOK HERE 
    We appreciate that at different ages, different activities appeal to those involved and therefore we have put together a party structure according to age, however please discuss your own requirements when booking:
Mini Fun Party:    Ages 5 years and under for up to 20 children.  Free play on the gym floor, the foam pit trampolines, the DMT, with the ride-ons and toys as per our Mini Fun sessions
Fun Abounds Party:  Ages 5+ for up to 20 children with games, gymnastics circuits, using the DMT and pit trampolines
Coached Trampoline/Gymnastics Party:  Ages 10+ for up to 10 children using the larger recreational trampolines/sprung floor, structured like a lesson with games at the end
Parkour/DMT Party:  Ages 8+ for up to 12 children structured like a Parkour class using the DMT and the foam pit trampolines 
Price of each party pack is £150 which includes all of the above, plus squash and water for the children.  Please call 01825 768479 or contact us for details.

Fun n Bound – Sorry this is not currently running.

One hour of supervised fun for school-age children to play in the foam pit, on the sprung floor, on the pit trampolines and the DMT and to let off a bit of steam safely.  Session times:
Booking advisable.  Session cost £5.00.


Please Note:

As this is a trampoline centre, the following rules MUST be followed:

  • NO Jewellery

  • Long hair tied back

  • Sports wear ONLY – NO jeans, NO zips, NO Buttons

  • Socks MUST be worn on the trampolines