Tumbling is a truly breath-taking type of gymnastics.  It’s all about somersaults, flips and twists – and linking them together, one right after the other.  If you already have a bit of gymnastics experience, it’s easy to get started with tumbling, plus it’s great fun!

If you love doing somersaults and cartwheels, you’ll find tumbling easy to get into, whatever age you are.  You’ll start by learning how it feels to perform simple tricks on a sprung runway.  Then as your technique and confidence grows, you’ll learn to perform amazing sequences of flips and twists and there are competitions for all ages.

Currently, we are only able to offer Tumbling on a competitive basis, however we are keen to also provide it recreationally.  If you would like more information about Tumbling, please contact Stella Jackson, Centre Manager at stella.jackson@funabounds.co.uk